New Women’s Multifunction Backpack Casual Nylon Solid Color School Bag For Girls Fashion Detachable Strap Travel Shoulder Bag

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7,88 $8,12 $

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Additional information

Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 6 cm
Brand Name



Mainland China



Main Material


Lining Material


Backpacks Type



Interior Compartment

Handle/Strap Type

soft handle


Silt Pocket



Closure Type




Item Type


Place Of Origin

China (mainland)

Carrying System

Arcuate Shoulder Strap



Rain Cover


Model Number




Pattern Type



Multifunction Backpack

Type 1

Shoulder Bag

Type 2

Fashion Backpack

Applicable people




4.6 Average Rating Rated (117 Reviews)


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  1. V***M

    It is small, but a medium notebook fits perfectly, it looks a bit fragile to load but it will have to be put to the test. For the price I found it a total bargain and very casual but beautiful.🤭

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  2. C***a

    Arrived right well balled I liked the product Can buy without fear

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  3. d***r

    Good for the price

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  4. D***e

    My niece loves the bag. The bag looks neat and exactly like the picture.

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  5. B***n

    Arrived early, it is light material, I thought it was a little bigger but it is normal size small, I with perfect condition and thank you

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  6. C***o

    The suitcase is great… Waterproof, I thought it would be smaller, but I was wrong, it came ahead of time

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  7. 3***r

    Cool pack, this is my next Fast delivery, I recommend the seller Bought for pennies thanks to the group AliExpress-owe love Vol 2

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  8. m***l

    Very nice bag, looks good material. Color and shape same as photos.

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  9. Customer

    I arrived long before the date, 8 days was delayed, it is great, as is in the photo and matches its descriptions, without a doubt I would buy again, I loved it💕

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  10. B***f

    I thought it was small, but the material is good.

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  11. Customer

    I really liked it, it is safe with the closure inside, nobody could open it, it can also be used as a backpack or as a bag, it has several pockets inside, I really liked it.

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  12. m***z

    The backpack is fine but it arrived without the strap that allows you to put the backpack like a bag

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  13. L***s

    I love this little backpack purse. I has 2 inside pockets, 2 side pockets, and it came with a shoulder strap if you don’t want to wear it like a backpack. the fabric is nice. I have received compliments

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  14. Customer

    good product..thank you

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  15. F***l

    For the price is good I arrived in good time the order

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  16. y***r

    My daughter loved😍Very compact and it is just what I expected. Only the side pockets that are a little narrow, only a small bottle of 300 ml fits, niece does not fit.

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  17. B***s

    It is a backpack without a rigid structure, so, great to take on a trip, easily fits in a luggage.

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  18. K***c

    Backpack for 3 s 5. transformer, ale pens, TSI SHO on the back of nikudi shovati, yakshchi, yak bag. To be a part of the story (Spini)

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  19. D***l

    Good size comes with its strap, nylon lining…

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  20. l***r

    Very beautiful is not like the photo they show but I was being cute

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  21. N***a

    Very good, I liked it already I want to use it

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  22. J***a

    Very beautiful, everything came right, and comes with a handle to use as a handbag.

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  23. Y***l

    Beautiful wallet bag what if it brings a single closure that remains on the back for me is spectacular

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  24. A***i

    I arrive fast, a little thin works for what I need🥹❤️ Is beautiful

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  25. E***z

    I loved it very much is good size and the material is better than I expected

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  26. Customer

    Exactly what I expected

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  27. V***c

    Equal to the post and came super fast n.n

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  28. m***r

    I really enjoyed my purchase, I am super satisfied, I recommend it, my bag very beautiful. Thank you🥰

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  29. Customer

    I arrive early… it looks very good for the price…

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  30. M***a

    It is very beautiful I like it very much is very practical and it looks good quality, it has a good size is not very small and it is not very big is perfect

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  31. J***h

    I thought it was a firmer material… but it’s okay for the price. The good thing is that it is antidotes. Since the closure is on the back.

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  32. О***а

    The backpack is normal only one bad that there is no small handle. Probably forgot to put when packing ((

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  33. l***r

    Very beautiful is not as the picture shows but still cute

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  34. E***z

    Good material, even if I thought it would be thicker, good size, just missing until to hang as bag

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  35. o***A

    Very nice but can not take lots of things as I thought.

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  36. C***z

    It is small but it looks safe because the closure is behind

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  37. D***s

    Size is good, I thought it was bigger, but it’s great…

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  38. P***r

    I arrived the order as the description, I love the order arrived in the estimated time and the supplier was kind

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  39. Customer

    Beautiful of very good quality, it took less than expected

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  40. К***к

    Duge originna bag such in less than a bull, a daughter for Shvidkistya

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  41. O***a

    The material is like medium quality canvas, it is nice good size brings extra strap to use as handbag but I think it is very small.

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  42. О***к

    A good day. a backpack of a Duge bistro, and everything was honored by his daughter.

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  43. M***o

    I expected it to be a little less flimsy but for the price it is better than I thought, let’s see what happens when you put some weight on it, I will leave another comment later.

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  44. Customer

    Lightweight backpack, beautiful color. inside 2 small pockets, one with a lock. Shipping to France about a week.

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  45. A***z

    It is smaller than I thought although it is big, it is perfect for the day to day and for that price it is great. I recommend it!

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  46. A***s

    Arrived on time it is nylon lined excellent size, I loved it just like the ad, medium size as I wanted

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  47. E***a

    The orders came in. I have not opened it because it was to deliver, at the arrival time it was fast 3 weeks. Good material

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  48. a***r

    Backpack is girl I like a lot …. the color looks good… I’m surprised I arrived fast… I hope it lasts… thank you

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  49. L***z

    Arrived in good condition it is small and somewhat simple the material but it is beautiful

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  50. D***d

    I loved this very cute and big one. The only thing is that it did not bring the other strip but hence good material. Arrived fast

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  51. G***z

    The material is a little delicate, but it is fine in case low price, fabric a little fragile and weak too much caution

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  52. A***o

    Anti-theft, beautiful material, it is a little smaller than in the image, but it is very beautiful.

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  53. N***z

    It is very beautiful and it comes very well packed the order and if the flight to buy💯

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  54. M***Z

    I put it like that because the product did not arrive since they returned it, so I cannot qualify well

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  55. S***a

    Much smaller than the photo, but the material is excellent

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  56. M***s

    I liked this one of good size and very practical

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  57. e***a

    Backpack very well made, interesting color, several pockets inside. Strangely closed not through the middle only at the back.

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  58. F***n

    It took 12 days to arrive, I still have not tested the product

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  59. n***r

    It’s small, it’s not a choir, it’s synthetic, and good for everyday life without carrying too much

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  60. J***0

    Great bag small but surprisingly you can fit quite a bit of stuff in it

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  61. G***n

    I thought it was a little bigger, but its size is great to go for those walks in the lagoon, trail, take some snacks to the beach, or go to the center to hit the leg. Excellent material and it is very compact, from to take in the suitcase without making volume.

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  62. A***s

    Very beautiful the bag!!!! Waterproof (but I haven’t tested yet)

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  63. B***r

    Excellent material! I loved it. I recommend it. Second time buying

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  64. Customer

    The backpack is very nice, it has a strap to use as a bag, only it is small more or less like a kindergarten-size backpack.

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  65. L***a

    Thin material, fits professional notebook. I arrive in 8 days.

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  66. Customer

    It is the size of a notebook, it looks small but it does fit a lot, the material is like fabric, I thought it would be like vinyl or something like that but it is made of fabric, arrived in Mexico in 3 weeks

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  67. s***A

    She’s beautiful. I really liked

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  68. R***r

    Good product Large enough for a CR book

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  69. L***s

    I like it very much, it is what I wanted comfortable, without being heavy I recommend!!, the color is mink pulling Brown,

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  70. A***r

    It is smaller than I imagined but it was my notebook, it has an extra handle. Is beautiful, I like it.

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  71. H***a

    The product meets the description of the seller, I expected better in quality

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  72. Customer

    Good quality the size should be specified in the ad.

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  73. K***M

    Very pretty and spacious, although to my taste the handles could be a little longer. But happy with the product

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  74. j***z

    Super recommended, the backpack is very beautiful. The backpack is as shown in the photos😊

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  75. M***a

    Very nice and spacious has the perfect anti-theft zipper behind to travel ..

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  76. C***a

    Cute, I love cute color is what I expected Arrived very fast

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  77. Customer

    Very pretty. Perfect wide for you to save your ipad

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  78. P***o

    I liked it. Only in the photo it looked bigger. More with good workmanship.

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  79. A***a

    Excellent quality of the product and material arrived before the scheduled deadline in Brazil. I loved

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  80. A***e

    Arrived in 10 days the product, the material is good is windbreaker fabric, the size is compact, I loved it

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  81. R***o

    The fabric does not feel so thick, it feels half fragile and weak. The good thing, the backpack is deceptive, it fits a case, a change of clothes (without shoes clearly) a notebook (not professional) water bottle (on the outside) wallet and keys. Although I would have liked the backpack straps, they were a bit longer

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  82. A***z

    I liked it a lot, it feels good quality for the price, and despite being small in my case it seems to Me that it is quite spacious. The truth is just what I expected for the other comments. I ordered it on March 20 and it arrived on April 3.

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  83. E***z

    She’s a girl doesn’t have much space inside It fulfills its function of economic but good material

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  84. Customer

    in the picture it looks big but it is really small

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  85. Л***а

    The fact is that this is not a very comfortable backpack in nature because the only department that opens and in which, in theory, you can put everything on your back

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  86. A***a

    It is beautiful, it appears to be waterproof, the only opening is in the back, which gives the security of walking with it on the back that no one will steal you with ease by opening the zipper, I just thought it was bigger.

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  87. S***o

    It is nice, it is small, it only fits the wallet, the mobile phone and your cosmetic bag, very useful and the color is beautiful too, it has several pocket, I like it, the material may not be the best but for its size and price is fine, in addition if you use it well, That is, not much weight I assure you that it lasts, the grip and closure materials make it look very beautiful.

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  88. B***l

    First I got scared with a small package! But she is surprisingly “big”, fits a lot. It is a bag to put essential things, cell phone, keys, it was my Kindle, a book and a necessary. The handles are adjustable but very fragile.

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  89. Customer

    Arrived earlier than indicated, good size with small bag inside the detail is that the backpack came scraped on the metal part

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  90. j***r

    It is a good quality backpack and I would gladly buy it again arrived very well

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  91. m***m

    Arrived in 3 weeks, equal to the image. Is what I expected

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  92. L***r

    I loved it. The color is very beautiful, looks good material. Is a little higher compared to the 2l bottle. Arrived two days after the estimated date, but super good

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  93. f***r

    The bag is nice, but I thought it was small. The material is a little fragile, I don’t think I support carrying a lot of weight on it.

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  94. V***o

    I arrive as I arrive bent I arrive with a line in the center, but very well from there in more

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  95. Customer

    Very happy, good quality, fast shipping. Honest seller. Very satisfied. Buy with confidence. Thank you.

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  96. N***a

    The backpack itself is not bad. I wanted it to be small, so that the A4 format would fit there. But he has lightning not on top, as usual with backpacks, but in the back. There are pockets for water bottles on the sides, but they are so narrow that an ordinary half-liter plastic bottle does not even get upside down there. The phone will fit there, of course, but I don’t put my phone in such places. In principle, I put everything that I had to put in it, so almost everything suited me. Especially for such a price. The goods arrived quickly enough. I recommend the seller.

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  97. a***a

    Thank you very much the store, arrived super fast and she is perfect❤️

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  98. R***a

    Equals what is described. Price quality is fine but I am not happy, it was folded in half and in the fold it brings a rough line that does not seem to disappear. The. Truth the backpack is fine but the packaging has spoiled it.

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  99. H***o

    It’s a nice item, it’s not that big just that the handles don’t look so safe

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  100. K***g

    The color is accurate, not big and not very small, should enter a small notebook, A4 no. Simple cute

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  101. T***y

    Beautiful the sebe backpack very well

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  102. c***r

    I loved the backpack, for the size, it is worth its price, as I always carry few things the truth I loved the backpack, very practical to carry, without a doubt I would buy it again

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  103. S***z

    This very father! It is a medium size, neither large nor small can be used as a backpack or shoulder, very beautiful

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  104. G***a

    It is small and comfortable to wear few things. I like that the closure was in the back, so you prevent them from opening your bag when you are distracted on public transport for example.

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  105. m***r

    Thank you, I loved the excellent product just as I wanted it

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  106. Customer

    In the photo looked more beautiful. Came bent and got the mark in half. I didn’t like that!

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  107. s***s

    I arrived a week before the date, the model is cute only the color I do not see it gray but it is cute

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  108. M***s

    Beautiful same as the one shown, happy I will order another, it is ideal anti-theft because the pocket opens back, thank you, I recommend the seller and the product, arrived super fast. Happy😄

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  109. A***a

    It’s Ok but it doesen’t look as well as on the pictures. It,’s look cheper.

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  110. f***o

    Excellent backpack-bag meets its function and with the characteristics of the description.

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  111. c***a

    The material and design are good, it has the back opening which gives you security, you can use it as backpack and wallet🤗

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  112. Customer

    It’s soft fabric, shiny doesn’t look like. The image but the design ea the same

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  113. H***s

    It doesn’t look like the ad’s coma, and it’s pretty small

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  114. E***r

    The bag with the zipper behind it is a success. Material looks waterproof, it is also backpack.

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  115. n***i

    I liked the material and the size. Met my expectation.

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  116. Customer

    Looks the same as the photos, but the handles to take it do not feel firm at all

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  117. g***r

    I love that the opening is on the inside so that it’s harder to steal from.

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